Airport Transfers London Heathrow - Birmingham
National Express -Birmingham

From £32.00 one way , £64.00 return
 160 mins
 Birmingham : Birmingham Coach Station

This is a shuttle bus service from the airport to Birmingham Station. The coach services FK210 make the same route except for the first stop that can be Banbury or Warwick (and if it is Warkick it won't stop at Terminal 4).

The coach service NX421 makes a different route: Terminal 1, 2, and 3, Oxford Bus StationBirmingham Airport, Birmingham Coach Station.

Please note that to the total of your ticket fare will be add £ 1.00 of booking fee.

National Express has also transfer services from the airport to:

  • Leicester  £ 15.00
  • Bristol     £ 12.00
  • Northampton   £ 26.40
  • Portsmouth      £ 17.40

If you decide to add the Flexible Fare to your ticket during the booking process, paying £ 5.00 more each way you will have the possibility: to board any available coach 12 hours before/after the original departure time; to change the departure date without any extra charge and your ticket fare will be refund on you if you cancel 24 hour before departure time.

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