Airport Transfers London Heathrow - Reading

From £16 one way , £24 return
 45 mins , starts every 20 mins

This is a non-stop coach service that connects the airport with Reading Station. You can by the tickets for just the coach from Reading or Heathrow.

Whoever will take you to the RailAir lounge at Reading can get 30 minutes free parking.

Please note that coaches from Heathrow to Reading depart only from Heathrow Central Bus Station (stands 6-15a) and Terminal 5 (stop 9). From Terminals 1, 2, and 3 follow the signs for Underground and Central Bus Station.

From Reading to Heathrow the coaches leave passengers outside the doors of Terminal 5, 1, and 3.

The coach does not go to Terminal 4, but there is a free transfer to reach Central Bus Station or Terminal 5.

•From/to  Terminal 4 you can connect with Terminals 5, 1, 2, and 3 with the Heathrow Express shuttle service.

• Alternatively, you can take the buses 482 and 490. From Terminal 5, the buses depart from stand 7 (Bus and coach Station, beneath the Departure level). Use the elevators to access the ground floor. The buses operate up to 8 times an hour and it takes around 10 minutes to get to Terminal 4. These transfers are free. From Terminal 4 to Terminal 5, the 482 and 490 set down on the same level as coaches to Reading (stop 9). Before boarding at Terminal 4, please check with the driver if the bus is going to Terminal 5.

Tickets can be purchased online at up to 17:00 hours the day before travel. The the ticket will be sent by email to you. If you book a return ticket for the same day the price will be £ 17.00 instead of £ 24.00. While the Early Bird Ticket costs £ 15.00. Early Bird tickets can be singles, day trips, or period returns and are automatically generated when booking online between 2 and 3 months in advance.  

There is the possibility to buy the ticket using mTicketing App for phones with Android or iPhone operating systems. The ticket fare is £ 18.00 one-way, £ 26.00 period return, and £ 19.00 day return.

Standard tickets are available on the day (before you board) at Reading (RailAir Lounge) and Heathrow (Central Bus Station and Terminal 5), from any UK rail station or in advance from any UK rail station or rail ticketing website. The fare is £ 19.00 one-way, £ 27.00 period return, £ 20.00 day return.

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