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Air Train - Howard Beach Station

From $5 one way , $10 return
 10 mins
 New York City : Howard Beach Station

This train connects the airport with Howard Beach Station and vice versa.

Air Train is a shuttle service that helps travellers get to their gates and other areas of the airport. Travellers can opt for buses or trains. Many of these routes include a combination of vehicles and bus and train changes. Air Train offers suggestions for the most efficient routes for travellers. The service is available 24 hours a day all year round.

There are three Air Train lines that stop at:

1) all the terminals (you travel for free)

2) Howard Beach Station

3) Jamaica Station

The train for Howard Beach Station makes some stops:

  • All the Airport Terminals
  • Federal Circle Station, where are available the following services: Rental cars; Hotel bus shuttle and reservations. At this stop you can change to Jamaica Station.
  • Lefferts Blvd. Station,  where are available the Long-Term Parking A and B; Kiss & Fly and the NYC bus lines: B15 and Q10

At Howard Beach Station there is connection with the Subway Station A and NYC bus line Q11.

Getting around the airport is always free. However travelling  into the city requires a Metro Card which can be purchased from the city or through vending machines located around the city of New York. Metro Cards can be purchased based on the time a traveller plans on using it (for example a 30 day card). Or can be purchased with 10 rides pre-loaded. The cards are also re-loadable for future use.

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