Airport Transfers New York JFK - New York City
New York Subway

From $3.00 one way , $6.00 return
 75 mins , starts every 15 mins
 New York City : Manhattan

The New York Subway system is one of the largest underground train systems in North America. Travellers coming into JFK Airport can take the Air Train connection to one of the two local train stations Jamaica and Howard Beach.

Once the traveller reaches  the station they can take the train into Manhattan. Travellers will take the A Train to Lower Manhattan (this route also  includes South Queens and Brooklyn) and the E Train to Midtown Manhattan (this route also  includes Western Queens and the Bronx).

Tickets can be purchased online or through the ticket office, mail order, ticket machines, and on board the train (one-way fares only). Metro cards are also available for passengers, this is a cash-less option that can make transfers easier.

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