Airport Transfers New York JFK - New York City

From $52 one way , $104 return
 New York City : Manhattan

Taxis are available outside the arrivals terminal, licensed taxis are yellow. Avoid unlicensed taxis.

Flat fare from JFK airport to Manhattan is $ 52.00 plus tip (that is about 15-20%) and tolls.

There is a passenger limit of 4 per vehicle. It is recommended that you tip your driver, and keep your receipt for any disputes.

A $1.00 surcharge is added to each fare after 16:00 through 20:00. For trips that happen between 20:00 and 06:00 a $0.50 surcharge is added to the fare. These surcharges are not applied to the trip "JFK-Manhattan".

For other destinations the meter at the start is $3.00. Do not forget to take your receipt at the end of the ride.

Sample fares for other destinations from JFK airport:

- Bronx                         from $48 to $68

- Brooklyn                   from $42 to $64

- Queens                      from $24 to $33

- Staten Island           from $67 to $79

- LaGuardia APT       from $34 to $39

- Newark APT            from $97 to $102 (plus $17.50 surcharge)


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